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Time Credits For The Downham Volunteers!

Downham Volunteers has qualified as a member of the Time Credits Scheme.

This exciting development means that the group can now award Time Credits to volunteers in exchange for the hard work that they do.

24 year old Phillip Martin, a Downham Volunteers‘ organiser, said:

“This is a great opportunity for us to be able to reward our team. There are so many Downham Volunteers_Time Creditsways to spend time credits in the area and even further afield, they cater for people of all ages and interests already and the scheme is continuously expanding. Our volunteers deserve recognition for their hard work and it’s such a nice feeling to be able to do so”.

Time Credits for West Norfolk
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So what are Time Credits?

The Time Credits Scheme is a way of recognising the contributions that volunteers make and to encourage more people to get involved in their community and charitable organisations.

The Time Credit itself is a community currency that can be traded in for a variety of local services; for instance a free swimming session at Downham Leisure Centre, a driving range session at Denver Golf Club or tickets to the King’s Lynn Corn Exchange. This link will give you a full list of places to spend Time Credits in West Norfolk.

Not all activities organised by Downham Volunteers will be eligible for earning Time Credits. Organisers will always let members know whether an activity has been Time Credit approved before it takes place.

To become a member of the Downham Volunteers you can sign up here on downhamweb.



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Time Credits
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