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Downham Borough Candidates Announced

We are called once again to the voting booth. On 4th May elections will be held for borough and town councils in Downham Market. It has been four years since the last elections for borough councillors. By-elections have been held more recently for some town council seats, though this time round all seats are up for re-election.

This election is the first time that voters will be required to show photo ID in order to vote at the ballot box under a new law brought in by the national government. Despite zero conviction of electoral fraud during the last election year 2021, the government says the new rules are intended to cut down on voter fraud. The campaign group Electoral Reform Society say the rules put additional burdens on younger voters as the list of accepted ID “are predominantly held by older people”.

Candidates standing for Downham Market borough council wards were published today. The pre-election period has begun and candidates will likely be making themselves known over the coming days and weeks. Expect leaflets through letterboxes and possibly candidates knocking on your door where you can ask them questions.

If you are not yet registered to vote, you can still register to vote up until 17th April. If you do not have photo ID, you can apply for a voter ID for free up until 25th April.

Downham Old Town ward

Zara Jayne Hipsey – Independent

Barry Maurice Hobbs – Conservative Party

Joshua Osborne – Labour Party

East Downham ward

Josie Ratcliffe – Liberal Democrats

Tony White – Conservative Party

North Downham ward

Andy Bullen – Independent

Eamonn McCusker – Labour Party

Matthew James Sawyer – Conservative Party

Barrie Wiles – Independent

South Downham ward

Heather Fouracre – Labour Party

Elaine Heath – Liberal Democrat

Steve Moyses – Independent

Don Tyler – Conservative Party



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