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“Dolly Bird” in Downham Parade

Well hello there…it’s me again Laura!! How was your weekend and Jubilee celebration??

Well for me and downhamweb that was a fun packed weekend that was..(my norfolk accent is creeping out again)!! I hope you enjoyed yourselves as much as I did?!

As you may have read in Jubilee Preparation article last week, I was ‘right in the thick of Downham Market festival celebration weekend with Harrods Coaches vintage coach Dolly.

To promote the coach for Weddings/Private Hire, I got dolled up in my prom dress, which was quite daunting considering the last time I wore it was 5 years ago; but lo and behold it fitted like a glove. My good friend Lisa English, excitedly joined me aboard in her beautiful wedding dress; thrilled to be wearing it again. Waiting in line for the parade to begin; with the other floats, dressed to impress in Red White and Blue, the theme of Jubilee and the Olympics, the atmosphere was buzzing!

Leaning and waving out of Dolly with bundles of laughs really started the day off well. The sun was shining, flags were waving, and Downham Market residents of came out in their hundreds with their cameras catching real “moments” of laughter and fun. You can see photos of Dolly in the parade at the Harrods Coaches website, and we also captured the moment on our downhamweb webcam:

It was really touching how many people commented how different and nice it was to see a vintage vehicle like that in our town. After parking up, Dolly received an astounding amount of attention from the public, a few individuals even said they travelled to school on a coach very similar to Dolly and may have even been driven to school by my grandmother, after whom the coach is named..

I started to hear the commentator shout “Harrods Coaches…Harrods Coaches….would a member of Harrods Coaches please come to the main arena”. I thought it may have been a thank you for taking part in the parade, but no, Harrods Coaches won Vintage Vehicle of the year which was a fantastic finish to the day.

Well now Downham festival and Diamond Jubilee celebration has finished we now lead onto the Olympics!! Stop by next week for more stories I have to tell….I have a feeling the next story I’m now starting might just make you chuckle!



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