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The downhamweb webcam shows a live 24/7 feed of Bridge Street, Downham Market, right at the heart of the town. The image updates automatically every 5 seconds.

Downham Market Webcam

MTL Systems logo

Uptech logoWith thanks to MTL Systems for providing the camera, Uptech for providing the wiring.

Webcam Disclaimer
To ensure that privacy is not affected, downhamweb have taken the following steps to ensure that we have addressed Public Privacy and Data Protection:

  • This camera shows a live feed or motion picture.
  • downhamweb stores the latest webcam image in a cache for 5 seconds, but images are not kept or recorded by downhamweb beyond this.
  • Visitors to the site are not permitted to take or redistribute images from the webcam.
  • No particular person or activity is the focus or subject of images on this webcam.

Should there be any issues you feel are not addressed, please feel free to contact us via email.