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Zumba dancers promote event “A Day for Melissa” and raise £800 for charity.

The latin-inspired dance craze has spread right across the globe with Zumba classes being taught in over 125 countries including the UK. Now you re probably thinking why am I talking about a dance fitness program on downhamweb? Well when I first found this story I thought; this is brilliant, I haven’t seen a group or an individual do something fun and completely out of the blue like this in Downham Market. Watch this video and you will know what I’m talking about….
The genius who came up with this idea was Kris Guffa; local Zumba instructor, who’s Zumba class at Downham Market Leisure Centre conducted a “flash mob”; a group of 10 or more volunteers from the local class performed a 10 minute dance routine to members of public in Downham, showing what they’ve got and putting a stamp on it..get it? Stamp on it?! Zumba…dance? No…no ok moving on! All children and adults of different ages volunteered to make this performance memorable which certainly gave shoppers on Wales Court a surprise first thing on a Saturday morning. The main idea was to promote Zumba to get more members of the community involved and also raise awareness of the Zumbathon charity event “A day for Melissa” set up by Moona Joyner; which took place on Saturday 9th June at Downham Leisure Centre. All funding raised Saturday went to the “Sick Children’s Trust” with an estimated figure of over £800 pounds raised for the charity. If you would like to donate to the “Sick Childrens Trust” follow the link below. If you have tried the latin-inspired dance workout yet you must!! It’s a great way to exercise and the best thing is you don’t feel like you re exercising…it’s all about having fun while dancing and moving about!! You can read more about Zumba, how to get involved and where your nearest class is at Zumba website Text below from Just Giving page: Thanks for taking the time to visit our JustGiving page. We are raising money for the Sick Children s Trust and more specifically The Acorn House in Cambridge at the Addenbrooke’s Hospital. Even if you aren’t able to take part you can still donate money for this amazing charity.
So please dig deep and donate now.



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