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The Maid of Fibre

Who would have thought that two very different leisure activities could come together, so successfully and in such a relaxing, enjoyable and therapeutic manner.

Brothers Stewart and Richard Ellis, both salesmen/manufactory agents in the wool industry, made a conscious decision for their office to be available to them as they move around the country, and a what better way to do this than a narrowboat!

The Maid of Fibre is the name of Stewart and Richard’s narrowboat, the first of its kind. The boat has been converted into a sanctuary for knitters to come and view yarns from all over the world, as well as explore the fantastic range of natural and blended yarns that are supplied.

The Maid of Fibre narrowboat is currently docked on the Great Ouse Relief Channel next to the Hythe Bridge in Downham Market. I was able to turn up and take a look around, whilst also snapping some great photographs.

The narrowboat makes its way across England and Wales down inland waterways, including Downham Market!

So come on-board for a unique experience and view next season s trends in a tranquil part of the country, outside of the shop, whilst relaxing and enjoying the countryside.

If you are interested in finding out more or would perhaps like to book a free appointment, you can visit the official Maid of Fibre website by clicking here…

(We’d like to thank Stewart and Richard for giving us the opportunity to come down and take a look at the boat!)



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