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The Downham Skate Park is finally here!

Early last year we wrote a short news article on future plans of a skate park being constructed within Downham Market, but after weeks of not hearing any news the future plans did not look promising, which certainly seemed disappointing considering there currently isn’t many youth facilities within the town.

However, as of this week things are already looking very positive, and our extreme sport fans will be able to get skating and trying out new tricks now!

Town councillor Val Starling, who chairs the town’s skate park working party, said the new skate park next to the Howdale Community Centre will officially be opened for use today!

The council’s working party had interacted with youngsters in the town before picking a final design by Downham-based Highline Extreme. The town council then approved the design in November of last year.

Funding for the £40,000 project came from not-for-profit business WREN, Downham Market Town Council, West Norfolk Council and Downham Skaters and Riders.
West Norfolk council removed the previous skate park because it fell into disrepair and there were safety concerns.



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