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More be going on in Downham Market…

It s often said that one of the benefits of living in a small town is that everyone knows everyone , so when Liz Pendleton (downhamweb site owner) happened to overhear someone talking in the Downham Market Post Office about displaying a poster for a charity event, she couldn t resist finding out who the new girl was! It turned out that the poster girl was none other than the new Town Events coordinator/administrator and self proclaimed ‘go-to-girl’ for anything ‘Downham Market’ Sarah Mawby! The following week, a meeting was arranged to find out more about Sarah s new role within the town;

Originally from Kings Lynn, and having recently returned from Leeds university where she studied music performance, Sarah has an interest in all things music; including music therapy, a passion which she applies as vocal coach for Lavender Hill Theatre mob in Kings Lynn. Sarah has also put tremendous efforts into helping others and volunteering in such organisations as the National Autistic Society. In her new position as Events Coordinator for the Council, Sarah s love of the community and village spirit will help her to promote the many activities planned in the calendar so far this year “I love Downham and I m really pleased to be part of a community who clearly care for their town”.

At Downhamweb we are very pleased to both meet and inteview Sarah and talk to her about all the great efforts and work she has done so far. Following the meeting downhamweb s Joel and Liz attended the recent Downham Market Community Committee meeting and got the go ahead to work closely with Sarah to add more to our ‘Big’ Events category… So when we say that there more be going on in town, we mean Mawby…of course! The go-to-girl herself – Sarah Mawby!



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