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Parliament has just approved a snap election in seven weeks time!

Elections are normally once every five years but this general election has been called early, and as usual all MPs seats in parliament are up for grabs once again. Approximately 750,000 young people across the country will be old enough to vote for the first time in their lives on 8th June. However, no matter if you’re 18 or 78, to have your say you’ll need to be registered to vote.

To be registered in time you will have to have completed the process before 22nd May, but it only takes about 5 minutes so why not get it out of the way now. You may need your National Insurance number and/or your passport, that’s it.

Voting is a simple and powerful way of having your say on how to country is being run. Your MP represents you and the local area in parliament, make sure you’re ready to support someone who will share your concerns and values.

Register to vote:


This was posted in News on April 20, 2017, by Robert Shippey.

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