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Make it Marham campaign

2008324161.jpgMake it Marham campaign

DownhamWeb is backing a campaign to stop the government from closing RAF Marham and moving the Tornado fleet to RAF Lossiemouth. The campaign has seen the Eastern Daily Press, West Norfolk radio station KL.FM, South-West Norfolk MP Elizabeth Truss, Norfolk County Council, West Norfolk Council and communities across the county unite to Make it Marham. Campaigners collected nearly 37,000 signatures and on Tuesday, November 30, a large delegation knocked on Number 10 Downing Street to hand over a box of signed petitions in support of RAF Marham. The campaigners will have to wait until the spring to find out if RAF Marham will retain its Tornado fleet. To get a full understanding of the campaign, please read the following stories: June 8, 2011: RAF Marham is in a “commanding position” to stay open, Norfolk MP claims June 7, 2011: RAF Marham’s future is discussed by MPs June 4, 2011: Marham’s future could be announced as crews from the Norfolk base are in the skies over Libya May 16, 2011: RAF Marham squadron praised by minister – but decision over base’s future no nearer May 13, 2011: Final parade of RAF Marham’s XIII Squadron May 10, 2011: The fate of RAF Marham “unlikely” to be announced today March 29, 2011: RAF Marham’s future virtually assured March 26, 2011: Tornados prove the case for Norfolk’s RAF Marham March 23, 2011: MP asks PM: Does Tornado Force’s role show it’s time we made it Marham March 2, 2011: Hope for talks over the future of RAF Marham March 1, 2011: RAF Marham Tornado squadron to be disbanded as doubt remains over base’s future March 1, 2011: Minister asked about RAF Marham’s long-term prospects February 22, 2011: Tornnado cuts could help to save RAF Marham for now, claims top defence analyst February 1, 2011: Minister hints that Norfolk s RAF Marham is saved
January 29, 2011: Calls for government to release potential RAF Marham relocation costs January 27, 2011: RAF Marham decision delayed until the summer January 14, 2011: Why it makes sense to Make it Marham, minister January 12, 2011: PM praises Make it Marham campaigners January 10, 2011: Downham Market s MP is back on offensive to save RAF Marham December 16, 2010: Campaign to save RAF Marham given a massive boost December 1, 2010: Fight for RAF Marham must go on , campaigners say November 30, 2010: Video: Make it Marham campaigners hand in petition November 30, 2010: A look back at a fortnight in which Norfolk found its voice November 29, 2010: Make it Marham campaign takes off for London November 27, 2010: Marham and Lossiemouth station commanders meet up Novmeber 26, 2010: Veterans add their support to Make it Marham campaign November 25, 2010: RAF Marham closure would hit schools, charities and community groups hard November 25, 2010: Norfolk celebrities and sporting heroes back our campaign to save RAF Marham November 25, 2010: Closing RAF Marham will hit services for decades November 21, 2010: Canaries fans support for Make it Marham November 19, 2010: Why Make it Marham makes sense November 19, 2010: Make it Marham campaign lands in Downham Market November 19, 2010: Make it Marham gathers strength November 15, 2010: Thousands show their support for Make it Marham November 14, 2010: RAF Marham is key to lives of many in the community November 14, 2010: Norfolk unites to Make it Marham Don t forget you can keep up to date with all the latest Make It Marham news by visiting or following EDP news reporter David Blackmore on Twitter here:!/DavidBlackm0re



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