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Let’s Grow

Downhamweb visited Downham Market’s Morrison s supermarket to check out what was going on locally and learn more about their ‘Let’s Grow’ campaign. We also wanted to see if the promotion was actively being supported and to see if we could get involved!

Since 2007 Morrison s have given away over £10 million worth of equipment such as shovels, shears and much more to over 24,500 schools, via the Let’s Grow campaign that aims to exchange vouchers for gardening equipment and encourage pupils to learn about where real food comes from; and with these figures growing every day, this years’ forecast is looking bright.

Store manager Jason Savage talked us through how easy it was to get involved into this simple yet incredibly effective campaign, explaining: the easiest thing to do is to go to the Morrison’s web page where schools can register. Vouchers then need to be collected at the school before being redeemed in return for equipment.

Vouchers are being given out between the 5th September and the 30th October, one voucher is given for every £10 spent in store at Morrisons and can be handed in at most schools to raise money for new equipment.




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