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Household Enquiry Form Will Be Sent Soon

The Borough Council is urging residents to respond promptly to the Household Enquiry Form (HEF) they’ll be receiving soon.

Beginning this month, every household in the district will receive a letter, known as a Household Enquiry Form (HEF), as part of the borough council’s annual canvass of electors. The form will be addressed to “the Occupier” and will list the names of everyone in the household who is registered to vote. If no one is currently registered, the form will be blank.

Anyone in the household can respond to the letter, to either confirm that the details are correct, or to alter them if they are incorrect.

The Household Enquiry Form explains how to respond using any of these methods:

  • online
  • returning the form by post
  • text message (if no changes are necessary)
  • automated telephone line (if no changes are necessary)

Adding a name to the HEF does not register that person to vote. If a name is added, the borough council will post that person an ‘invitation to register’ to complete and return, or they can register online at

Responding promptly to the HEF keeps costs down, as the borough council is required by law to send two reminder letters, and then a canvasser, to households that don’t respond.

People who do not respond to the HEF may not be included on the list of people allowed to vote in future elections, may find it harder to obtain credit, open bank accounts, or prove their identity, and could even be fined up to £1,000.



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