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Great News for Downham Market!

On Wednesday the 24th April 2013 the Downham Town Committee convened to open discussions on town matters.

The Chamber of Trade opened the discussion, they proposed that the Council team up with them to raise money for the Downham Town Christmas Lights. The Chamber currently has the funds for this year but need to raise the money for 2014.

There wasn’t much to debate as the Council agreed that the lights are a key part of Christmas for the town and kick off the festivities in style, the switching on of the lights ceremony draws a large crowd to the town every year and it is important that it is as spectacular as always.

The Chamber and the Council have indeed joined forces and are planning a dance in September to raise money for the lights.

In other news it seems that the Cinema at the Town Hall is continuing to do very well. The showing of Les Miserables was a complete sell out! For upcoming features click here.

The Council also have plans to jettison the Town Hall into the 21st century with the installation of WiFi  and a computerised booking system for events.

These meetings are open for members of the public, you can find the dates of theses meetings in the downhamweb events calendar and on the Town Council website.



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