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‘GET Free Books’ soon at Wales Court

The Global Educational Trust (GET) will be running their ‘Get Free Books’ project soon in Wales Court. The charity have been given the old Norwich and Peterborough Branch premises on a temporary basis which will be set up as a free bookshop, patrons can come in take away 3 books per visit. Voluntary donations are welcomed to help with this and other projects the Charity run.

GET saves books from landfill and instead offers them for free to customers, promoting literacy amongst all members of the community. GET currently has a network of about 20 shops throughout the UK. These GET Free Books shops have proven to be extremely popular, providing a place for individuals to socialise in good company, in addition to the free books.

GET are working with Turn The Tables to make use of the empty business premises, this saves landlords money while providing free space for this great charitable service.

In order to make the best use of the 3000 square feet available, GET are looking to partner with another registered charity to share the space. GET are not looking for a charity that sells items, but rather one that works on the same principal; items are given away for free and optional donations are welcome, or a charity seeking to raise awareness through a small exhibition. There would be no cost for the use of the space and any other finer details we can discuss with an interested parties, including bringing in extra volunteers that can also manage the books area and allowing for extended opening hours.

Get in touch with downhamweb to find out more about partnering on this opportunity.



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