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Local Election Day – Thursday 2nd May

Has it been four years already? It’s the time to elect our councillors again.

If you’re registered to vote and eligible you should have received your Polling Card by now, the little card will tell you where you need to turn up tomorrow (Thursday) to vote. The Polling Card should list two elections; the election of a councillor to the Borough Council in King’s Lynn, and also the election of councillors to our local Town Council. Don’t worry if you’ve lost your Polling Card, you don’t need it to vote.

For each ward of the Town Council fewer people stood for election than councillor seats available so they are all automatically ‘elected’ without any voting.

The elections for the Borough Council are still going ahead as normal though, so don’t forget to turn out and put a X next to who you think will do the best job. Good candidates should have knocked on your door to introduce themselves and chat about local issues, or at least put a leaflet through the letterbox.

Don’t forget about the upcoming EU Parliament elections too, you don’t need to register separately for these but if you still haven’t got around to registering the deadline is 7th May –

Happy Voting!



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