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The recent hot weather brought our town’s landmark clock to a standstill on July 24th. 

The hands of the Grade II listed clock were brought to a halt during the hottest week of the year so far. The display on one of the four faces stopped on 39 minutes past five. 

The Downham Market Town Council, who are responsible for the clock, was quickly notified of the matter and enlisted the help of specialist contractors to fix it. 

Richard Davidson, the deputy town clerk, reported to the EDP that: “It seems the hot weather may be the cause of it and a lot of clocks across the country are experiencing the same problem”. 

On the 2nd of August, the council announced that the clock on the Town Square is once again keeping good time. 

The clock continues to stand as an important, beautiful structure at the heart of the community. 

This was posted in News on August 5, 2019, by Kay Saberton.