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Downham Diamond Jubilee Olympics

As previously stated the new year holds many positive things for Downhamweb, and of course Downham Market in general…
We have already mentioned that the Olympic Flame will make it’s way from Peterborough to Norwich via King’s Lynn, but this is truly the tip of the iceberg!

This year the Downham Market Festival Committee will be arranging several events with an ongoing theme of the Olympic Games, but to be more specific, the ‘Downham Diamond Jubilee Olympics’. We should also not forget to mention that this is being exclusively announced first on Downhamweb!

The Downhamweb crew are both proud and extremely grateful to be able to announce the upcoming Festival Committee Olympian themed events for this year, the main draw will be the Carnival Parade (Which will be taking place on the Howdale Field) on 4 June, which will feature decorated bikes, a walking float, vintage tractors classic cars and more.
The carnival will be lead by the Downham Market running club representatives, who will be able to graciously lead the in all the floats whilst holding the magnificent 1948 Olympic torch!

The parade is free to enter and will offer many entertaining activities throughout the course of the day, so be prepared for a fantastic time.The Downham Market Town Hall will also be open to look around, as it will be showing the various London Olympic activities…

This year will mark the 38th Downham Market Festival, and here at Downhamweb we are very excited!
Throughout the course of 2012 be sure to check our new feature page titled ‘2012 – The Olympic Year’ where you can keep up to date on all things Olympic and sporty happening, you can easily do this by liking our facebook or following our twitter. We hope to see you in June! 1948 Olympic Torch 1948 Olympic Torch Photograph supplied by Frances Rayner



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