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Downham & District Sporting Heroes Awards Evening

Downham Market has been celebrating the spirit of this Olympic year since April this year, working through a programme of sports related events that have involved the whole community.

Downham Market Town Council has been working with Downham Market’s Village Games Sports Coordinator Frances Rayner to raise funding and generate support in the community to ensure that the events have been a success.

The final event in this fantastic events calendar will be the Downham and District Sporting Heroes Awards Evening planned for the 11th October 2012.

Sarah Mawby, Events Coordinator for Downham Market Town Council said “Downham Market has a lot of hard working sports men and women who participate in our local clubs and teams.
There are also a huge amount of people who work behind the scenes. On top of this, the town is home to an array of sporting events throughout the year where so much hard work is put in to produce success.
The Sporting Heroes Awards Evening is a great opportunity for the town to recognise this at a time when sport is in the forefront of everyone’s minds.”

This event is designed to celebrate sporting success in a variety of categories. Many people come to Downham Market to participate in clubs and teams. Nominations will be accepted for all categories from the PE38 and PE34 postcode areas or for individuals who participate in a sporting club or team who are based in Downham Market.

Nominations for the Young Sports Person or Junior Sportsperson awards can be made for any child who goes to one of the cluster schools that feed into Downham Market High School.

Frances Rayner, Village Games Sports Coordinator for Downham Market said “This is a great chance for us to really see what talent is out there and to raise the profile of sport in the area. Another very important aim of the event is to build on the aim of the 2012 Olympic Games ‘inspire a generation’.
We really want as many nominations as possible for those up and coming sportsmen and women and really want to give them a feeling of pride and success in what they have achieved pushing them to continue and build on their sporting future.”

“I know how important it will be to continue the legacy set out by this year’s Olympics. There
has been so much enthusiasm and excitement surrounding the games and as a parent of young
children I know how much my children have been inspired by what they have seen. Harnessing that inspiration and enthusiasm is so very important and I believe that by involving young people
in our awards evening we can make sure we are doing our bit in Downham Market.”

The Downham and District Sporting Heroes awards evening is going to be a prestigious event within Downham Market Town Council’s annual events calendar and thanks go to all the sponsors who have jumped at the chance to get involved. The event has also received a considerable amount of funding from the Big Lottery Fund.

Nomination forms can be obtained from the Town Council Offices or the Downham Market Leisure Centre Alternatively you can also download a form from our site by clicking here.



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