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Attractions of Downham Market

Hello Downham Market! My name is Joel and recently I’ve been taken on by Lingo Design! As I’m sure you’re aware I, along with David Blackmore of the EDP, am going to be updating the Downhamweb news page regularly from now on. So what does this mean? Well, first of all you can expect more regular news updates on everything to do with Downham Market. As well as the news feed I am going to be adding more site content and updating both the Downhamweb’s facebook and twitter. I hope that you all enjoy seeing this page get updated more with the latest content from Downham Market. As a experimental article I’ve decided to write a few things down about my experience with Downham Market, and most importantly its tourist attractions and activities…

Upon visiting what’s dubbed ‘The Gingerbread town’ and more commonly known as Downham Market, it would seem that it is a well run, populated yet quiet town. However, a stroll around the town on the look out for tourist attractions revealed to me that being quiet is not a bad thing at all!

The town offers such things as a wide selection of shops as well as plenty of both ‘eat-in’ and take-away’ restaurants/cafes, there is also a Library/Priory Centre and three different supermarkets to do the weekly shopping.

Along with the general basics such as shops/super markets etc… Downham Market has a selection of things to do and attractions for both tourists and people who live near or inside this town. Downham Market offers a Friday and Saturday Market place which holds several stalls offering many different things such as fresh food, clothes, confectionery and much more.

After visiting the Saturday Market place I decided to go down to the towns library and priory centre to check out what it had to offer, as well as to see what (if any) leaflets it could supply me with.

I was able to pick up plenty of leaflets that included local business advertisements, tourist attractions, Norfolk community leaflets and a Downham Market ‘mini-guide’ which was very informative and interesting. I was able to find out about the following attractions, some of which I was already well aware of and others I had never heard of:

The Town Clock – although day-to-day visitors of the towns people see this wonderful attraction daily, it is a magnificent and spectacular feature that truly signifies Downham Market as a whole, the clock is located on the Town Square near the Town Hall/Heritage center.

The Willows Nature Reserve – A great spot for both locals and tourists! This reserve offers reed beds, attractive ponds and a wide range of wildlife, a great place to go to relax on a warm day.

The Heritage Center – Previously mentioned, the Heritage Center offers changing exhibitions and displays as well as telling the story of the surrounding area from farming to wildlife to people through the ages, providing a both satisfying and enjoyable experience for all ages.

As well as these nice things to do inside of Downham the main ‘brown sign’ tourist attractions nearby are actually on the out-skirts and borders of the town.

Of all the other tourist attractions outside of Downham Market, the first thing that springs to mind is the once popular ‘Collectors World’, has unfortunately been closed for refurbishment until further notice. We will, of course keep you posted on any news here when and hopefully if it happens.

A few other worthy mentions would definitely be both the Denver Windmill and Denver Sluice, although these two attractions are a fair walk from Downham Market they are certainly well worth it and both provide unique and enjoyable experiences.

Besides these there are things such as Horse Riding, Cycling, Fishing, Boating and Sailing and even Golfing around Downham Market. Welney’s Eco-friendly visitor centre even offers daily Bird Watching which is rather popular among both tourists and locals.
Things to do in Downham Market may sometimes seem a little sparse, but if you look in the right places you’re certain to find something that you can really enjoy!



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