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Art in Downham Market

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Downham Market is home to a number of artists…

Many of them are inspired by the historic beauty of the town. Landscapes of the iconic town clock seemed to be a favorite amongst the artists. The recent festival week as well as other interesting activities also included art exhibition. This allowed local artists to showcase their art and the opportunity to sell their work. Here are some of our favorites:    

For more infomation…

For further information about Malcolm Allen or if you are interested in seeing more of his work, including some of his drawings, visit his website:  This also gives more information about the galleries he is currently featuring in, as well as commission based requests.

For more information…

Andy Scordellis is currently working on a Downham Market calendar which we are very excited about as we have already seen some of the pen and ink studies which are going to be a part of this. The calendar should be ready for next year as he only has two more drawings to do: Reeds Department Store , and Freddies Delicatessen . We will be sure to let you know when the calendar is completed. We also recommend looking at Andy s website, as his artwork is outstanding.
Another one of his projects is the End of year Hilgay school Mural created by year 6 students. They have managed to create a vibrant jubilee and Olympics mural. For more details on this have a look at andy’s Blog showing the process he went through with the pupils. 
For more information on Andy Scordellis have a look at his website and blog:


Local artist? 

If you re a local artist and have interest in being featured on this page, then please don t hesitate to contact us. You can use the form featured below OR Email us your details alongside some images and we will put together a small selection of your work to show on the site. We d like to hope that this page will be a big success, allowing residents to see all the talent downham market has to offer!                           



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