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3 Week Heatwave Comes To An End.

People all over Norfolk and England may have had trouble sleeping in the early hours of the morning due to a violent thunderstorm, an unwelcome break in the previously, sunny weather.

The weather did not greatly improve as we woke up to a heavy downpour of rain, making it a problem for workers to commute.

The streets of Downham Market were flooded with water and the sky was overcast and dreary. Throughout the day we will be experiencing more of this weather. Humidity and rain is predicted right up till 6pm, with a few sunny spells and more thunderstorms. In fact, during the week we should be greeted with various rain showers, especially on Thursday.

Tonight there will be risks of localised flooding in the east of England with heavy thunderstorms, so we advise you to stay inside tonight!  Luckily, the summer weather has not completely left us as the temperature for the rest of today is still above 20°.


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