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New Government Advice re: Covid-19 Corona Virus.

New government advice re Covid-19 Corona Virus.

📢 Self-isolate for 14 days if *anyone* in your household is showing symptoms.

📢 Above 70, pregnant, or with profound health problems? Shield yourself, minimise social contact for 12 weeks, starting this weekend.

📢 EVERYONE is being asked to stop non-essential contact, and stop all non-essential travel. Includes going to pubs, restaurants etc.

📢 Keep up with the thorough, frequent hand washing.

📢 Do not panic buy/stock pile. Shops will remain open.

📢 Call 111 if you have significant health problems (refrain from calling for information if you are well).

📢 Listen to further announcements which will come out DAILY from 10 Downing Street.

There are a number of groups offering support locally – more information is available on social media, or you can email us here at: [email protected]

Stay tuned. Stay calm.

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