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Downham Market Karate Club

Traditional Shotokan Karate-Do, Karate Jutsu, Self Defence & Fitness Training for Adults & Children (age 7+).

Downham Market Karate Club meets weekly at Downham Market Academy (in the boys gym) on a Monday evening. Classes of mixed age and mixed ability are taught by Wards Karate chief instructor Sensei Simon Ward (4th Dan) and other senior students.

All classes are licensed and insured through the Warrior Spirit Arts Association, formally known as the West Norfolk Karate Association. Students will learn a mix of traditional Shotokan Karate comprising of Kihon (linear basics), Kata (patterns/formal exercise) and Kumite (everything from controlled sparring through to self-defence & true Kata bunkai/applications).

Children & adults learn a tailored syllabus, with the children’s focus being on technique and the personal development side of Karate. The adult syllabus is a Karate Jutsu system which puts more focus on the self-defence, personal development and understanding of the true meaning and origins of the Karate techniques being taught. There are options for both adults and children to compete in Karate competitions and learn weapons skills.

For further information please visit or call 07841 031420



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