Everybody who comes to Downham will no doubt notice our unusual town centerpiece.

Clock Tower

As well as a useful timekeeping tower, the Big Ben-like clock is a functional town icon and a popular talking point and meeting place.

So what is the clock’s history and why does is stand proudly in our town centre?

The iconic town clock was built in 1878 by William Cunliffe and presented to the town by local businessman, draper, grocer and clothier James Scott at the cost of £450.

The Grade II listed structure has stood in the the market square of Downham Market since its construction, and has only ever received one major refurbishment. In 2004 the clocks mechanism was refurbished and its chimes were reactivated.

The Victorian cast iron structure features an octagonal base with a dedication to James Scott carved into it at waist height, and a cuboidal clock chamber, which overlooks the market square below.

The clock now runs on an electric motor and is illuminated at night via the lights installed into the structure during the 2004 refurbishment.