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Downham Market Town Team Inaugural Meeting – 2 April 2014

A series of meetings have been held to discuss how to better coordinate joint ventures and communication across all the interested parties in Downham Market with an initial emphasis on business and commerce.  During the this meeting it was decided to form the Downham Market Town Team.  A summary of the discussions regarding the town team from that meeting is below:

Next Town Team Meeting 28th April 2014 hosted by Charmed Interiors at 5.45pm

1. TEAM STRUCTURE/CONSTITUTION.   The team would be known as the Downham Market Town Team (“Town Team” for short) and would adopt a conventional committee structure.  The Town Team would run for an initial 6 month trial period meeting monthly hosted by member businesses.  In order to minimise administration, as much work as possible would be conducted electronically making maximum use of Downham Web as a portal.

a.   Some early volunteers for the committee are: Chair Simon Prior (Framin’Art), Vice Chair Jason Scott Sutton (Charmed Interiors) &  Daryll Spain (Outdoor Antics) and Liz Pendleton (downhamweb/Lingo Design).

b.   The 6 month review will look at if the Town Team should continue in the same format and may include a look at the BID process (Business Improvement District) similar to the one being voted on in King’s Lynn and other models.

2.   MISSION.   The Town Team will work collectively to improve and develop business and community in and around Downham Market.

3.   INITIAL PLANS.   The early plans will be intentionally modest but with a view to tackling the bigger issues once the Team is established, some initial thoughts and actions are below:

a.   Town Promotion.  Improving signage, single point for information (physical and digital), filling vacant premises, develop Town brand, increase participation in existing events (the festival, water festival and xmas lights).

i.  Simon agreed to contact the Town Council regarding the town maps, information board and town hall reception.

b.   Town Improvement.  Parking provision, tidy – remove/discourage fly posting, tidy/find tenants for empty premises, develop a night scene, improve appearance.

i.   Juma agreed to find out the legal position regarding fly-posting.

ii.  Look at increase in hanging baskets for the Summer.  Possible crowd funding to pay for provision and maintenance.  Liz initial actions.

c.   Influence Policy.   Develop town/business strategy, building/parking policy, policing priorities, town maintenance, council spending.

d.   Grow the Town Team.  Recruiting campaign, simple online questionnaire as part of joining process, no fees, electronic based, business forum online, social media presentation at next meeting.

i.   Online membership form to be available via downham web and link e-mailed.

ii.   Lingo Design to give a presentation about social media and its use in local business at the next meeting.  This meeting will be hosted by Charmed Interiors on 28 April 2014 at 5.45pm.