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Minecraft Game Review.

Minecraft is an sandbox game (sandbox means you can build what ever you want like in a sandbox at the park or beach.) made by Markus Persson also known as Notch and Then later published by Mojang. In Minecraft You can let your creativity flow and create anything you wish. you also have to survive against monsters make shelter for the night and mine for supplies. Minecraft has been bought by over 10,510,597.
Dylan’s thoughts on minecraft: Minecraft is a great game, I play it for hours on end and never get bored, whether I’m building or testing my strength and strategy against monsters and the night, I always have a good time 9/10 Extraordinary.

Dan’s thoughts on minecraft: Minecraft is a alright game because it is a ‘cuby’ game and fun to play.  After a couple of hours I do get bored but the next day it is fun to play. Great game, but needs the horses in the next update! 8/10 Greatly Great.

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