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18th – 25th July Downham Weather

This page is where students from Year 8 and 11, who are involved in this project, will be publishing a range of graphics, videos, news stories and other exciting topics to discuss.

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Watch this space for up to date information as the project progresses. More content will appear as the weeks commence.

Forthcoming ideas include an online forum for pupils at Downham Market Academy to discuss and assist each other with homework.

You can also find more information by visiting the school website.

School Newsletters

July Newsletters

DMANewsletter [19/07/2013] (Opens PDF file)

DMANewsletter [13/07/2013] (Opens PDF file)

June Newsletters

DMHSNewsletter [21/06/2013] (Opens PDF file)

DMHSNewsletter [07/06/2013] (Opens PDF file)

May Newsletters

DMHSNewsletter [24/05/2013] (Opens PDF file)

DMHSNewsletter [17/05/2013] (Opens PDF file)

DMHSNewsletter [06/05/2013] (Opens PDF file)

March Newsletters

DMHSNewsletter [04/03/2013] (Opens PDF file)