Book Review #5 second opinion

The Hunger Games is amazing. I would recommend that you read these books too. It is split into three parts. I have only read the first one but I loved it so much that I have started to read the second one which is called The Hunger Games Catching Fire. I would say that the […]

Things of the Week (June 24th to 29th)

Celebrity Birthdays Monday 24th- Solange Knowles (Model, Beyonce’s sister) Tuesday 25th- Ricky Gervais (Director and Actor) Wednesday 26th- Jennette McCurdy (TV Actress) and Ariana Grande (TV Actress) Thursday 27th- Khloe Kardashian (Reality Star, Kim and Kourtney’s sister) Saturday 29th- Nicole Scherzinger (Singer) Sunday 30th- Cheryl Cole (Singer, Model, TV show judge)

Book Review #5 The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

The hunger games is a sci-fi book based in the future where the world is split into different districts. From each District 2 children aged between 12-18 are chosen to compete in the hunger games, a brutal game show where they fight to the death and only one comes out as victor. This year Katniss […]

Fashion – Winter Warmers

FASHION Winter Warmers This is a baseball jacket with the American flag/logo on one pocket. It is appropriate for weather as well as fashion too. The cheapest we have found these are £14. This is a coat that is suitable for the cold winter. It has false fur detail on the hood. Onsies are a […]

DMHS Zone – Sports quiz Development

We have started to develop a quiz for the zone. We have made a two question football quiz. Our feed back says that we need more questions and needs a larger area for it to run, it also needs less answers. We will put a new one up soon. Thanks! ~Sports Group

Things of the Week (June 17th to 23rd)

Celebrity Birthdays Monday 17th- Venus Williams (Female Tennis Player) Tuesday 18th- Paul Mccartney (Singer from the Beatles) Wednesday 19th- Boris Johnson (Mayor of London) Thursday 20th- Nicole Kidman (Movie Actress) Friday 21st- Prince William Saturday 22nd- Meryl Streep (Movie Actress) Random Facts 1) The Solar System is in orbit around the centre of the Milky […]