Things of the Week (June 10th to 16th)

Celebrity Birthdays Monday 10th- Prince Philip (Duke of Edinburgh, Queen’s husband) Wednesday 12th- Anne Frank (Victim of the Jewish Holocaust & Author’) Thursday 13th- Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen (Twin TV Actresses)  Friday 14th- Alan Carr (Comedian) Random Facts 1) Banana are a good source of pottassium. 2) J.F.Kennedy was shot the day before Doctor Who […]

June – Downham Market Weather

June °C Tuesday 11th: 14° -17° Wednesday 12th: 18° -13° Thursday 13th: 17° -10° Friday 14th: 18° -12° Saturday 15th: 17° -11° Sunday 16th: 13° -20° Monday 17th: 12° -20°

Creature Feature: Willow Tit

  Creature Feature Willow Tit Speed:4/5 Danger:1/5 Cuteness:3/5 Home: Found mainly in England, Wales and south Scotland often in damp places like bogs. Size: Robin sized or smaller Diet: Insects, seeds and berries Description: Theses are small birds with generally bland coloured feathers varying from black to cream, being the most exciting! (sarcasm!) Fact of the […]

Creature Feature – Blob Fish

Creature Feature – Blob fish Fact of the day: Blob fish’s are the 13th ugliest animal in the world! Speed: -2/5 Danger: 0/5 Cuteness: -100/5 Home: 600-1200 m below the sea Size: 2-3 ft Diet: Crabs Description – The blob fish is a blob with light pink skin that moves very slowly across the bottom […]

Creature Feature: Mexican Axolotl

 Todays Creature feature Mexican Axolotl Fact of the day! Did you know a Mexican Axolotl is very similar to Doctor who! They can grow body parts back! Speed:1/5 Danger:1/5 Cuteness:4/5 Home: Found in the river xcochimilco in Mexico. Lifespan: 10-15 years Size: As big as a tea cup! Description: This is a small salamander which […]

Minecraft Game Review.

Minecraft Minecraft is an sandbox game (sandbox means you can build what ever you want like in a sandbox at the park or beach.) made by Markus Persson also known as Notch and Then later published by Mojang. In Minecraft You can let your creativity flow and create anything you wish. you also have to […]